Ulli (Onion) Vadam


  • South Indian Fryums made from Onion
  • Mildly Spicy
  • Needs to be Fried in Cooking Oil/Coconut Oil
  • Favorite snack for kids
  • Available in 250 grams packet

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Ulli Vadam is a South Indian fryum prepared using onion. It is small sized, dried, balls of onion dough.

It needs to be fried in cooking oil/coconut oil in order to consume it. Ullo Vadam is a favorite snack for kids and adults. It can be consumed as a snack alone or had as a side dish for meals. It is not very hot but mildly spicy.

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 3 cm

6 months


Dry Air Tight


250 grams


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