About Us

Iyer The Foodie” is  homemade food products startup that aims to serve “Ready to Cook”, “Ready to Eat” and “Ready to Prepare” delicacies directly to your home. We love food and most importantly healthy homemade food. 

We are determined to bring the unique flavors of India to all over the world that help our upcoming generations to create those age old & traditional food. We strongly believe that the effort that we are putting in “Iyer The Foodie” and its operations will ensure that our traditional food & flavors are not forgotten in the future. At the same time, our initiative aims to help those homes in rural India survive & earn by creating those unique flavors that we sell through our website.

It is with this novel idea that we started our mission to serve the world with unique food products that are 100% homemade and 100% vegetarian. We do not use and will not use large, automated facilities because it defeats the purpose of our value proposition. As health of the general population is of highest importance in our services, every product is prepared by raw materials naturally produced from farms without any chemicals, processed and prepared by hand, quality controlled & checked by us. This helps ensure that the product that we send to you is 100% authentic.


Proprietor & Director
Sivasubramaniam, is a 40+ years veteran in the field of accounts & taxation. He loves food a lot, especially South Indian Traditional Food. His vision is to make tasty & healthy food available for all across the globe.
Director – Operations
Lekshmy comes with 30+ years experience in the field of Education. She is a double Masters in Sociology & Malayalam Literature and an expert in the field of Special Education. Lekshmy manages the preparation & management of food products listed in our website.